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[FILM] UFO Files: Hanger 18: The UFO Warehouse

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An encyclopedic exploration of the world of extraterrestrials.
Explore what many believe is the USA’s central storage facility for crashed UFOs.
Top theorists and skeptics offer their insights into the ongoing debate.

Go to the limits of human experience... and beyond. From the fringes of the galaxy to our own backyards, the UFO FILES searches for evidence of life beyond our world. Tracing the long, convoluted history of UFO encounters and research, this unique series opens new windows into the controversial field.

In this UFO FILES exclusive, elected officials, UFO researchers, and former base employees go on the record for the first time regarding Hangar 18, the top-secret facility on Dayton, Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Some experts claim that UFO wreckage and even alien pilots are transported to Hangar 18.

Examine declassified documents that prove the "disk" from Roswell event and fragments of other mysterious crashes were shipped to Wright Patterson. Then hear accounts of flying saucer debris, alien bodies, cryogenic chambers and a vast underground network that may hold the secrets to the UFO mystery. Is there a conspiracy to hide UFO evidence from the highest branches in the U.S. Government, or is it all just a myth?

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